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Energetic composition D

The natural based product is for deep cleaning of the scalp. It is expedient to use it as a preliminary step in any medical procedure.

It is recommended for all skin types, mainly with seborrhea, hyperhidrosis of the scalp, dandruff and simple hair loss. Its application is the first and very important stage of therapeutic and preventive process. A special composition of this preparation, dissolving keratin, disinfects and cleans the deep epithelium (cleans follicles), and opens the pores of the scalp, which contributes to improvement of subsequent intensive penetration of active ingredients of medical preparations.

150 ml


Екстракт лопуха, екстракт кореня шавлії, олія перцевої м’яти, молочна кислота, піроктон оламін, екстракт ялівцю, реп’яхова олія

Apply 5-10 ml of the product applied to the scalp and rub. Exposure time is 3-5 minutes, then, without rinsing, proceed to the following procedures (masks, ampoule preparations, etc.).
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