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Esential drops gentle cleansing

The natural and dermocompatible active ingredients combine a gently cleansing action with the effectiveness of a makeup remover acting in total respect of the physiological Ph.

250 ml


Active ingredients

Mallow – softening, smoothing, protective effect.
Blueberries – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. Improves collagen tissue synthesis.
Chamomile – perfectly removes redness, softens and eliminates congestion.
Olive Tree – restores and removes redness.
Horsetail Field – performs an elasticizing, regenerating and mineralizing function.
Yarrow is a healing, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-seborrheic effect. Relieves redness.
Calendula is an astringent, self-regulating, disinfecting effect. Rice Proteins: A moisturizing, emollient and nourishing action.
Red Grapes – astringent, antioxidant, protective effect.

In the morning and evening, distribute a few drops of the product on wet skin, gently massage, rinse or remove with a damp sponge.
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