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Multienergetic serum

Stress and pollution create a misbalance in our body, contributing to the formation of free radicals, being significantly responsible for cell aging.

Hair and scalp are the first to suffer from these situations and are often damaged by such anomalies as hair loss, dandruff, oily skin, brittle and lifeless hair.

In order to support them and to solve problems of loss of brittle and lifeless hair, ORising offers Serum enriched by plant buds derivatives having the effect of antioxidant, drainage, nutrition and balanced physiological hair lifecycle. The presence of buds extracts (beech, birch lymph, black currant) provides high-energy support, as the concentration of vital substances in plant buds is much higher than it could be in the adult plant.

6 tubes of 15 ml


Buds extracts (beech, birch lymph, black currant).

Рекомендується використовувати після енергетичного складу Д.
Нанести сироватку по проділах легкими масажними рухами. Залишити діяти на 10 хв (без клімазона), змити.
1 тюбик = 2 процедури.
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