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ORISING Regenerating Exfoliating Mask Scrub

Thanks to synergy with Serenoa Creeping (Serenoa Serrulata), a mask-scrub rich in plant extracts with a mild cleansing effect helps to control the action of 5-alpha reductase.

The phytocomplex of Mother and Stepmother, Common Yarrow and Chinna Tree helps to stimulate cell renewal and physiological hair growth.

95 ml


Serenoa Creeping (Serenoa Serrulata), Mother and Stepmother, Common Yarrow and Chinna Tree.

Use every 14 days. Apply the product directly to the skin before using the shampoo. Gently massage for a few minutes to remove contamination and dead cells, stimulating reactivation of the skin circulation with a slight peeling effect. Leave to act for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water and proceed to using shampoo.
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