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Firming gold fluid with lifting effect

A special gel formula with pieces of gold to help resist the weakened and the signs of the old shkiri revealing and shi.

50 ml


Active Ingredienti

Particles of Gold 24K In synergy with a shave, it is necessary to take revenge in gold and to help stimulate the circulation of blood in real life and stimulate the clarity of activity, which allows for greater collagen and elastin. To shorten the regeneration of clitin, to help the old age.

Kofeїн: activator mikro-krovoobіgu, antioxidant, zolvozhuyuschy element.

Biometric Peptides – to reduce the aesthetic appearance of the smallest snorkel, to stimulate the viral nature of hyaluronic acid (which is due to the glyphine of excitation) and the fluffy collagen. Panthenol: zvolozuyuchyy, pom’yakshuvalny zasib. Stimulusє klіtniny rosette.

Ectoin – to the contrast of the photo gallery, the help of the revitalized school of the head, the power of authority.

After cleansing for the help of the Phyto-Essential Drops, apply the front and back of the face to the face of the face and to carefully and carefully select the product.
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